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The list of Gods that exist within the campaign.

The Draconic Gods

Most nations regard the Draconic Gods as the true gods, though a few - such as the dwarves and elves - have long enough lives to worship other gods instead. Younger members of these races are turning to these gods due to the influence of the Dragonborn. The pantheon is as follows:

The Astral Gods


The Secondary Pantheon that exists in Ittemar is a belief in the Primal forces that exist.

Dwarven Gods

A majority of the elder Dwarves believe in these gods, especially in Kragfall. There are some of the younger Dwarves that also follow this pantheon, though some follow the Dragon Pantheon.

  • Forge Father
  • Thraznag Deepbreaker
  • Nuragnumi Warminer
  • Jostout Mountainshield
  • Throndumli Forgebrew
  • Eirbin Thunderfinger
  • Yassolin Snowheart
  • Batreala Blackchest
  • Rukodeth Rubymaker
  • Wenmaelynn Darkmace
  • Hulginelyn Twilightriver

Elven Gods

There are two pantheons within the Elven beliefs, the Natural Pantheon and the Magic Pantheon. Few Elves believe in both pantheons.

Wood/Eldarian/Sea Elf

  • Fae Mother
  • Silvyr Farceran
  • Tannatar Phizeiros
  • Imzael Chaeran
  • Finnea Magcyne
  • Kaylessa Glynkian
  • Jhaerithe Biquinal

High/Drow/Shadar-Kai Elf

  • Ariawyn
  • Shalheira
  • Taranth
  • Ehrendil
  • Khilseith
  • Traeliorn
  • Mythanar

Orcish Gods

While a majority of orcs don't believe in this pantheon, a few elders and historians do.

  • Dul
  • Urag
  • Nakgu
  • Guthakug
  • Dakgorim
  • Dura
  • Lagakh
  • Bulak

Gnomish Gods

While a majority of gnomes don't believe in this pantheon, a few elders and historians do.

  • Badniss
  • Frenakwyck
  • Peluddwer
  • Zankast
  • Fnukpakac
  • Elamdet
  • Penbilull

Halfling Gods

While a majority of halflings don't believe in this pantheon, a few elders and historians do.

  • Euric
  • Isembold
  • Ingund
  • Berilac
  • Meneaduc
  • Majorian
  • Chlodeswinthe
  • Hiltrude
  • Saffron
  • Berthegund

Misc Gods

This list of gods are newly discovered as older gods, and their history is unknown for the most part.

  • Forge Father
  • Lord of Light
  • Mistress of Magic
  • Life Giver
  • Queen of Death
  • Dragon Lord
  • Fae Mother

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