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The Az'gani, or Sky Elves/Magic Elves as most other races call them, are the oldest of elves. They have existed on Lorav since its reconstruction and have been a major player in the previous cataclysms. As such, their knowledge of the world is far more ancient than any historian's and they possess a keen insight into the world around them. It is from them that the major elf subraces diverged.



Having been the first creation created by Vitrin after the Ser'ri destroyed the Darkness, the Az'gani controlled much of the world of Lorav, together with another race known as the Onco. While much of what happened before the First Cataclysm is lost, historians have found that the Az'gani went to war with many of the denizens of the world, primarily the Onco and the Dragons. There were even ancient texts that mentioned the Az'gani fighting amongst themselves. Very few Az'gani are alive from this time, as most of their civilization was destroyed by the Third Cataclysm.

First Cataclysm

While no one knows how the First Cataclysm occurred, scholars agree that it was a time when the Depths of Hell opened up and swallowed the realm in fire. The Az'gani became prisoners to demons, and their cries to the Ser'ri went unheard. The Az'gani were experimented on, creating two subraces that have since disappeared from the realm; the Elnivian and the Shun'li. While some of the Az'gani and their allies were able to fight the demons, it wasn't until the Humans arrived in the realm that the Age of Fire ended, and a new prosperous age began.

Post First Cataclysm

Now free of the demon's influence, the Az'gani attempted to take control of the world again. But not everyone agreed it was the right choice. Some Az'gani believed they were the cause of the First Cataclysm and determined to guide the new races that had appeared. This caused the Az'gani to split into two factions: the Surina and Lulini. The Surina fully believed they were entitled to the world and began to war against it. The other races, with the help of the Lulini were able to push them out into the seas. The Lulini determined to remain with the new races and guide them towards paths of peace. Though not always easy, they settled in a region that is now known as Belitar.